Dr. Margaret Baier, Ph.D., LMFT

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I help individuals,

COUPLES and families

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"My private practice reaches diverse populations with all sorts of issues. 
The one constant is that they are all dealing with matters of the heart."

I bring over 20 years of professional experience working to help individuals, couples and families develop interpersonal skills and build stronger relationships. 

My journey into professional life as a marriage and family therapist began after my divorce in 1991. I attended Baylor University while raising my three daughters, and in 1993 received my Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics with an emphasis in teacher certification.

 I knew then that I wanted to go on to become a marriage and family therapist so that I could help those who needed relationship guidance and were struggling in their marriages and families, so I moved to Lubbock, Texas to continue my studies. 

I earned a Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies in 1996 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Tech University in 2003. While at Texas Tech University I completed an internship at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s Southwest Institute for Addictive Disorders in the Department of Neuropsychiatry. 

In 2000 I became a fully Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Texas and a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

While maintaining a private practice in Waco, Texas, I taught high school for four years. I then spent twelve years at Baylor University in the department of Family & Consumer Science, where I served as a program coordinator, researcher, advisor, and educator, teaching classes in family development, family theory, parenting, adolescent development, and sexuality in family life. I have also taught graduate classes in family therapy at Texas A&M Central Texas and Tarleton University in Waco, Texas. After my retirement from Baylor University I provided readjustment counseling for combat veterans at the Corpus Christi Vet Center for one year. My path has brought me home to Waco where I now provide Marriage and Family Therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy to couples, families, and individuals seeking help in their relationships.

About My Work:

I am skilled in working with individuals, couples and families who are facing changes in their lives. My job is to help them through life transitions that may cause difficulty. Some of those transitions are happy ones such as premarital counseling or preparation for parenthood. Some of those transitions are not so happy, such as readjustment following an affair or divorce or the death of a loved one. Or the transition may be related to coping with a chronic or acute illness. Many transitions are those we might consider normative, such as parenting as children go through difficult stages or families moving to new locations or separated by jobs.