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Why I Use Horses

Horses are Social Creatures

Very much like humans, horses are social creatures with distinct personalities, attitudes and moods. Horses have their own defined role within their herd. They are prey animals and must be very aware of their surroundings at all times.

horses provide Immediate feedback

Horses are instinctual creatures. They read a situation and give both honest and immediate feedback to clients.  Horses will tell you when you’ve violated their boundaries immediately by running away or pinning their ears. Human interactions don’t necessarily allow for such honesty.

Horses communicate non-verbally

As a prey animal, horses are sensitive to the non-verbal behavior of other animals and humans. Human communication is 60% nonverbal body language, 30% tone and 10% verbal.  Horses don’t have words to express their opinion so 100% of what they are saying is truth.

Horses become a metaphor

Because of the immediate feedback they give, horses are wonderful facilitators for change.  Together we create a metaphorical space to learn about our relationships and roles within our own families.

My Therapy Team

My animals are not pets.  
They are valued partners that create unique environments for change.

Teaches patience

Airosa is ¾ Andaulsian and ¼ Friesian, and registered as a Half-Andalusian with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association. She is also registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Association. She was foaled May 28, 2006 and stands 16.2 hands.  She has received extensive training and shows in dressage as well as English pleasure, western pleasure, trail, and reigning. Her intelligence and gentle nature make her an excellent partner both in the saddle and on the ground.

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Fancy Time to Invest
Demands Boundaries

When he was first born, they called him “Clover” because of the pattern on his forehead. He was quite the character from the beginning. He loves to clown around, but won’t stand still for a selfie. And he stays in your pocket. He loves taking long naps in the hot sun with Airosa and is happy rolling around in the pasture. He enjoys hanging out under the shade tree in the back yard. But he’s ready to go to work whenever he’s asked. He will teach you things about yourself you never imagined.

Past Team Members

These team members had a large impact on many clients.  
They are greatly missed.

'My Man' Michael

Michael was an Irish Setter whelped January 11, 2012. He began his career as a therapy dog when he was just four-months-old working with infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children at the Baylor University Piper Center for Families and Children in Waco, Texas. He loved everyone he met, and most people felt the same way about him. He visited people at nursing homes and hospitals. In addition to his therapeutic work, Michael worked as my service dog helping me with mobility. My Man Michael will be fondly remembered by many who knew his gentle nature and calming effect on clients. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 12, 2017.


Buttercup Commander was a 25 year old quarter horse mare, retired from barrel racing and breeding.  She wore special shoes to help her cope with a lifetime of hard work.  She was most effective teaching clients young and old about gentleness and confidence.


Auora was an Andalusian filly who life was cut far tooshort due to a genetic disorder.   She charmed many clients in equine facilitated therapy. A gentle spirit who loved everyone she met, she gave even the most inexperienced client confidence. She left us far too soon. I will always love and miss her. Aurora crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August 2013.